Frequently Asked Questions

What licence do I need to charter a boat?

  • Pleasure boats up to 6 meters in length, with the maximum power established by the manufacturer.
  • Maximum distance of 2 nautical miles from the port
  • Day navigation exclusively
  • Jet-skis, any power
  • Pleasure boats up to 8 meters in length
  • Maximum distance of 5 nautical miles from the port
  • Pleasure boats up to 15 meters in length
  • Maximum distance of 12 nautical miles from the port and between islands
  • Day and night navigation
  • No power limit.

1 NAUTICAL MILE = 1,852 kilometres

Life jackets are required on board by law. All of our charter boats carry life jackets. If there will be children on board we will supply life jackets suitable to their weight and size.

We help you get the boat out of the mooring and leave you in a part of the port where the maneuver is very easy, just as when you return we will wait for you in the same place to enter the mooring with you. This way you don’t run any risk of hitting the boat.

Do not worry about anything, we explain everything you need to know to enjoy your charter.

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